Friday, March 19, 2010

Plz visit Forum

Hi Friends,

plz visit Forum for update ..

Very good people working there to keep everyone updated

.. i will try to keep the blog update here also but .. i am having very heavy workload ..

-- Rz KinG

Friday, March 12, 2010

Use 182 !!!

Hi friends, :)

As 184 is working .. but it got the lag issues that's why we tested 182 to be working way better then 184, and its public games with invite only . is working .. :)
it will be better if we all use 182

so use it if u have it or
download it here :- 182

-- Rz KinG

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hi friends ,

New Crack is Out ..

Thanks To Lithium and [HAF] Team

Private Matches and Invite is working :) .. Tested ...........

Edit :- For Xp user with IPv6 uninstall it

For Vista and Win7 just uncheck IPv6 use just IPv4 in your network properties

Then restart u r Modem .. Then restart steam


Download Here :- 184

-- Rz KinG

Update: This old Crack is Working .. again

March 10 2010 -

-- Rz KinG

Monday, February 22, 2010

No Crack Working :(

Hi Friends.

At present No Crack is Working ..
:( As Soon As New Working Crack Release I will Update Here

-- Rz KinG

Monday, February 15, 2010

182 Crack

Hi Friends,

This crack works great best to invite friends to Ur game
and lobby will fill and u can play .. the game :)'

its just fast update .. more info later ..


182 Crack

--Rz KinG

ok why no positive response here :-

i been plying it last one hour ....

maybe it this will help u

1. find games -> in the the lobby -> invite all your friends or join ur friends game .
{ya the find game is not working !!! so best to invite friends to ur game ..}
2. now on if its not working for u plz put u r steam id also with ur comment ..
i will try to help u
right now that's all i can do

plz don't spam !!!!

for invite to
u want mail

-- Rz King

Edit :
The credit for this crack is got issues as 3 people are claiming it to be there Crack
So credit goes to the deserving

Searching game thing is not working ... but u can invite ur friend to ur " public game " or u can join to there "public game" !!!

:( Sorry at Present This is What We got ..

--Rz KinG

Crack For Private Game Only!!!

Hi Friends,

All Version Of CRACKS are Not Working at the Moment for Multiplayer But
this Crack

i tested works Great .. and hope sooner we get public game working crack ..

Edit : get latest one

-- Rz king

Thursday, February 11, 2010

PLZ Don't Spam !!!

Hi Friends,

The 1.0.175 update 3* still working ... no updates right now ...
1.0.175 update 3* is still pretty good Then all other cracks and Best for Hosting ..

And PlZ Stop This lockerz Thing ... Dude i have no clues what it is ..... why the hell we need ur invite .. i went to check the site .. i put my email id

I got the invite from lockerz .. why the hell i need anyone to send it .... so don't spam here dude,

Still Any One Need Lockerz Invite : mail me :
I Hope This Will stop them Spaming :)

The Forum Is up and runing ... I made some changes ... do Check out ..

Plz Don't Spam There also :)

--Rz KinG